New Year Blues

Sorry for the absence last week – it was the product of a combination of holidaying and internet malfunction.

I will be writing again from next Monday onward and hopefully more frequently than once a week. It is fortunate that this blog began with a exasperated critique of the Establishment Left response to Brexit and the rapidly spreading repudiation of neoliberalism – this seems to be a theme that will persist well into the near future. 2017 should not leave me short of content.

The purpose of Permanent Settlement has evolved to critically explore present paradigms of thinking that are demonstrably false and ahistorical and yet continue to drive policies and decisions that are ruining our economies, environment and social relations. Escalation of geopolitical tensions and climate change are existential threats that have made this confrontation unavoidable. As much as we are, in my opinion, living in a golden age of civilization and the ecological factors that support it, we must recognize that this too will end and try our best – while we can – to avoid a free fall.

On that happy note, I wish you all a pleasant 2017.



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